The lowdown on bouncer chairs

A bouncer chair is a good option to put your baby down where they will be safe and stimulated. Here are some pointers when choosing the right one for you

What to look for when choosing a bouncer chair

If you’re looking to buy a bouncer chair for your baby, here are some important things to look for

Baby bouncer chairs

Things to look for when choosing a bouncer

Bouncing and rocking chairs vary in price considerably depending on what features they have. You can pick up a pretty basic bouncer for around £20 and pay upwards of £100 for an all-singing all-dancing model with lights, sounds and movement!

Bouncers are very light and portable, made of a fabric seat on a flexible metal frame, which responds to your baby’s movements, gently bouncing as he moves.

Look at what type of fabric the chair has, as some are easier to clean than others. The ideal is one that has completely removable covers that you can machine-wash.

Most bouncers have a toy bar to encourage baby to reach and touch and enjoy watching them move. Some toys can be removed for more hands-on play.

Some more expensive chairs have other features that you may find help soothe and entertain baby, including a rocking motion, lullabies or an MP3 player so you can select your own tunes.

They are often reliant on batteries though, so be prepared to stock up!

Like playgyms, it’s important to think about colours and textures. Some come in simpler, neutral shades but others offer a vast selection of colour and texture to stimulate baby.

Need to know about bouncers

Baby chairs come with their own recommended age, weight and height limits which you should always follow.

Make sure you place your baby’s chair in a safe area where your baby can’t reach anything hazardous.


  • Bouncing and rocking chairs vary considerably in price
  • Look for one that has easily washable covers
  • Pick the features that will work for you and your baby

The lowdown on bouncer chairs