Our pick of the best baby carriers around

A baby carrier is a great idea to get around with your baby without a buggy in tow, we roundup some of the best around

The top baby carriers on the market

We take a look at some of the best baby carriers in the shops

Using a sling or carrier can help with bonding and help soothe and calm newborns as well as being an alternative way to transport your baby. We round up some of the best around.

If you choose a baby sling or carrier, it's important to follow the universal safety acronym for baby wearing, T.I.C.K.S. This is what it stands for: 

TTight. The sling or carrier should be tight to hold a baby safely against the wearer, it supports the spine in a straight-upright position and stops baby from falling out of the wrap or carrier accidentally.

IIn view at all times. Seeing your baby at all times allows you to be constantly monitoring your child’s breathing and general demeanour, you will have the ability to make sure the chin hasn’t dropped and they are happy. You will also be able to check temperature and feeding cues.

CClose enough to kiss. This is greatly important also, as the lower the child the less you will be able to tell about your child, placed in an upright position you should be able to lower your head and kiss the top of babies head, if you are unable to do this, then it’s advised your re-position your child higher.

KKeep chin off chest. If your child is tight, in an upright position and spine is curved with legs in the squat position the likelihood of the chin dropping is unlikely, this is the most optimum position for safety, development and comfort. Your child should have a gap of roughly 2 fingers width underneath their chin.

SSupported back. The tightness of any carrier will be crucial in the support of a babies spine, it’s also important not to over tighten. The carrier should be tight enough to keep the child against the parents body without a gap, but still have the ability to slide your hands into the carrier with ease if needed. Generally in an upright position, if the carrier is adequately supporting the spine the chin will not drop, but its important to follow all the steps carefully.

Here's our pick of some of the best out there.

Je Porte Mon Bebe Ring Sling

Je Porte Mon Bebe
Ring Sling
RRP £59.95

  • The Oeko-Tex100 certified viscose is very soft, and washes well. It allows your baby to move freely, so they don’t feel restricted, whilst remaining safe and supported
  • This sling is reversible so you have a choice of colours
  • The ring sling comes with a small padded cushion to protect your baby’s head, and also to stop the ring digging into you in anyway
  • Really quick to put on, as there’s no knot to tie, and really easy to adjust to the wearer

We love the simplicity of this easy to wear baby sling.
Max weight of child: 14kg

Baby K tan carrier

Baby K’Tan
Original Wrap Baby Carrier
RRP £50.00

  • There are no buckles, straps or wrapping, so parents can quickly and easily put it on
  • It has multiple carrying positions and double shoulder weight distribution
  • The sash provides added security and support
  • The material is soft, breathable, machine washable and dryer safe

We love the double shoulder design of this comfy baby sling.
Max weight of child: 15.8kg

Close Parent baby carrier

Close Parent
Caboo DX Go
RRP £65.99

  • It has an elasticated chest strap for additional comfort with padded shoulder and waist straps
  • The hood provides excellent head and neck support at all ages and stages and full shade coverage for little ones
  • Your baby is held high in the ‘frog-legged’ position, which naturally places less weight and strain on developing hips
  • Small and light enough to pack down and store in your change bag so it is always on hand

We love how this carrier neatly packs away into a cute little bag which can easily be popped in your changing bag
Max weight of child: 20kg

Connecta baby carrier

Baby Carrier
RRP £68.00

  • The baby carrier from Connecta features an integrated sleeping hood that tucks right away inside the carrier and can be a handy pocket too
  • The wide base supports the anatomically correct position for baby and gives optimum comfort for the wearer
  • The carrier is suitable from 3.5kg up to toddlerhood
  • All Connectas are sewn with extra strong thread making them strong and durable

We love the cute sleeping hood that doubles up as a handy pockets for all your bits and bobs.
Max weight of child: 15kg

Mountain Buggy Juno carrier

Mountain Buggy
RRP £139.00

  • The Juno is Mountain Buggy’s first multi-functional carrier that transitions from newborn to toddler
  • It has a width adjustable seat to ergonomically cater for all carrying modes, and an innovative length adjustable infant insert which supports newborns of all sizes
  • There are four medically approved, ergonomic carrying modes
  • It comes with magnetic sternum strap fastening with shoulder strap runners and a protective hood

We love how sturdy and comfortable this carrier is for you and baby.
Max weight of child: 20kg

Littlelife back carrier

Adventurer S2
RRP £119.99

  • The Adventurer S2 child carrier is a modernised version of the original Adventurer
  • Now available in duo-tone blue, this carrier has updated fabrics throughout and a newly designed face pad
  • The carrier is a pick-up-and-go carrier which weighs only 1.9kg
  • The kick-out leg offers stability when on the ground, and allows the carrier to collapse for storage

We love how this back carrier can be adjusted for all sizes and shapes to carry comfortably.
Max weight of child: 20kg

Ergo baby bundle of joy carrier

Bundle of Joy
RRP £139.90

  • The four position 360 Baby Carrier provides four comfortable and ergonomic ways to carry your baby
  • The soft, Ergobaby Infant Insert cushion (provided) works with any Ergobaby Carrier and must be inserted to support growing babies ranging from newborns to 4-5 months.
  • The design keeps pressure off a baby's developing spine and pelvis
  • It snaps around the baby, can be adjusted as needed and placed with ease inside any Ergobaby Carrier

We love how well thought out the design of this carrier is to ensure your baby is well supported at all times.
Max weight of child: 15kg

Babybjorn carrier one

Baby Carrier One
RRP £134.99

  • The Baby Carrier One from BabyBjörn is an ergonomic baby carrier with a wide seat area for your baby
  • It offers comfort for the parent with extra-padded shoulder straps and good stability in the waist belt
  • Suitable for newborns, this carrier has 4-way front and back carrying
  • This carrier also offers front-facing carrying option

We love that this carrier is designed for you to carry newborns yet can still help you carry children up to the age of 3 years.
Max weight of child: 15kg

Our pick of the best baby carriers around