Our pick of the best combination seats around

A combination car seat is a model that spans different car seat Group stages, we roundup some of the best around

The top combination car seats on the market

We take a look at some of the best combination car seats in the shops

Combination car seats are a useful buy for grandparents and childminders as they won’t have to buy a new seat every time a child moves up a stage. We round up some of our favourites on the market today.

Graco Nautilus Elite combi

Nautilus Elite Group 1/2/3
RRP £149.99

  • The Nautilus Elite is a harnessed booster seat: 5-point harnessed car seat, that converts to a high-back booster
  • Its one-hand, adjustable headrest is easy to use and adapts for your growing child. The headrest is also width adjustable to ensure ultimate head and neck protection
  • There are 3-position recline options
  • Seat pad, body support, harness and buckle covers are comfortable and machine-washable
  • Steel reinforced frame provides strength and durability for years of use

We love how easy this seat is to adjust to your baby’s comfort.

Suitable: 9-36kg (with additional booster)
Car seat weight: 9.4kg
Fitting: Seatbelt

Recaro Young Sport combi seat

Young Sport Hero highback booster car seat Group 0+/1
RRP £189.00

  • Includes the Hero Harness system, which is an al-in-one unit ensuring the harness is in the correct position for the child
  • The seat has advanced side impact protection through head, side and hip areas
  • It uses duarable, easy to clean and breathable fabric
  • Easy to use recline position
  • It also has removable insert cushion that offers more stability for smaller children

We love that this car seat is designed for comfort for smaller children as well as older children.

9 months to 36kg
Car seat weight: 8.4kg
Fitting: Seatbelt

Joie every stage combi seat

Every Stage Group 0+/1/2/3
RRP £180.00

  • Has 6 recline positions: 2 rear facing and 4 forward-facing
  • Fits children from birth to around age 12
  • The Guard Surround Safety panels provide extra side protection and can be individually activated for extra room in vehicle
  • AutoAdjust side wings that widen as the headrest is raised to accommodate growing children
  • There is also a one-hand, 10 position height adjustable headrest

We love that that seat has the option to be rear-facing until around age four.

Suitable: birth to 36kg
Car seat weight: 8.24kg
Fitting: Seat belt

Britax Romer evolva combi seat

Britax Römer
EVOLVA 1-2-3 SL SICT Group 1/2/3
RRP £210.00

  • Includes a soft-latch ISOFIX installation system
  • Superior side impact protection plus performance chest pads
  • Recline position for all ages
  • Lightweight and compatible with most cars
  • Can be used with ISOFIX or a 3-point seatbelt

We love that this car seat is compatible with many cars and can be installed either with ISOFIX or 3-point seatbelt.

Suitable: 9 to 36kg
Car seat weight: 8.6kg
Fitting: ISOFIX/3-point seat belt

Graco Milestone LX

Milestone LX Group 0+/1/2/3
RRP £220.00

  • 10-position headrest and no re-thread harness
  • The headrest can be adjusted easily with one hand to grow with your child
  • The harness height automatically adjusts when altering the headrest height for ease-of-use
  • This seat has Safety Surround™ side impact technology
  • Improved side impact protection by adding EPS foam in the headrest area, known as Safety Surround™ Side Impact Technology, offers advanced head protection at every stage and features a steelreinforced frame

We love the modern look and feel of this combination car seat.

Suitable: birth to 36kg
Car seat weight: 8.42kg
Fitting: Seatbelt

Jane Grand combi seat

Grand Group 1/2/3
RRP £239.95

  • Reclining button that adjusts to 3 positions.
  • Switching from Group 1 to Group 2-3 is easy with the “anti-misuse” straps. Switching to a booster you just detach the integrated straps, conceal them, preventing any installation errors
  • It is also fitted with a Top Tether (anti-rotation strap) offering added protection
  • This seat also includes ventilation in the shell and impact absorbing material
  • Other features include removable and washable upholstery

We love that this combination car seat has the 3 recline options for baby’s comfort plus it can be used until around age 12.

Suitable: 9mths to 12 years approx.
Car seat weight: 14.5kg
Fitting: Seatbelt

Cozy N Safe Excalibur combi seat

Cozy N Safe
Excalibur Group 1,2,3
RRP £249.99

  • It offers extra safety, protection and comfort for children up to 25kg or Group 2 (approx. 6 years)
  • The seat features a 5 point integral harness and side impact protection
  • The frame is fully lined with high density polyurethane foam so your child will be in complete comfort with ultimate security
  • Simply fit using Isofix and top-tether, or the adult 3-point seat belt
  • It has a 4-point recline, adjustable headrest and a self-adjusting harness

We love the attention to detail of safety and comfort in this combination seat.

Suitable: birth to 9-36kg
Car seat weight: 18.9kg
Fitting: Isofix/seat belt

Diono Radian 5 combi seat

Radian 5 Group 0+/1/2
RRP £295.00

  • Gives parents the option of rear-facing in a 5 point harness for longer
  • Suitable from birth
  • Forward or rear facing from birth up to 25kg (around 7 years)
  • The steel frame provides a tough immovable core, making the seat ultra-strong and durable
  • Has metal reinforced side walls along with advanced energy absorbing  foam
  • Other features include thick memory foam on the seat base, a comfy headrest, plus a newborn insert

We love that the narrow width means it fits more easily in smaller cars, and you could even get three side by side in larger vehicles.

Suitable: Newborn to 25kg
Car seat weight: 11kg
Fitting: Seatbelt

Our pick of the best combination seats around