So, which are the best Maclaren strollers?

What Maclaren stroller should you choose? Here's our guide to four of the best

Our top four Maclaren strollers

Maclaren strollers are a great lightweight option for your baby when out and about, here's our top four

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The lowdown 

Maclaren are a well-known name in the pushchair world, and the brand most people think of when thinking about a lightweight buggy. The founder of the company Owen Maclaren, was an aeronautical engineer who’d worked on Spitfires during the war, and designed the first umbrella fold model after seeing his daughter struggle with her bulky pram. Its striped fabric and foldable, lightweight chassis became a familiar site on high streets both here and in the US, and despite the ever-growing number of other models on the market, is still the go-to model for many parents.

Need to know

Maclaren has several models on the market nowadays, ranging from £115 to over £300 with basic to more luxurious models, and also those that carry twins. They all have a Sovereign™ Lifetime Warranty meaning that you have a lifelong guarantee for your chosen model - which shows the confidence that Maclaren have in their products!

Maclaren Quest 250

1. Maclaren Quest, £225
Lightweight and sporty, the Quest is ideal for parents who want a compact umbrella fold buggy, but still with all of the user-friendly details of the more expensive models. It’s ideal for busy life on the go, with a large SPF hood for protection from the elements, a roomy shopping basket and foot operated linked parking brakes for ease.

Maclaren Techno XT 250

2. Maclaren Techno XT, £275
This is Maclaren’s flagship buggy that is a direct descendent of their original model - the B-01. It’s suitable from birth, with four reclining positions, and has an adjustable leg rest for nap-time comfort. With shock absorbing four-wheeled suspension and a one-handed fold it’s a good solid buy for traversing city streets and hopping on and off public transport.

Maclaren Mark II 250

3. Maclaren Mark II, £180
The Mark II is the lightest full-sized buggy in the world weighing in at a feather light 3.4 kg! It’s suitable from six months, as the recline is limited, and the compact lighter than air EVA wheels are puncture-proof and can be locked or left to swivel. But it’s the super-tiny compact fold that is the most impressive feature - making the Mark II a must-buy for taking on holiday.

Maclaren Triumph 250

4. Maclaren Triumph, £175
This entry level model is suitable from birth, and is one of the most popular models in the Maclaren stable of pushchairs. Weighing in at just 5kg, its light to push and carry, and a great choice for day trips or tackling public transport. Extras include a rain cover, shopping basket and as with all Maclaren buggies, the seat fabrics are all removable and washable.

So, which are the best Maclaren strollers?