Perks of pregnancy for dads-to-be

Pregnancy brings with it some perks for both of you

5 perks of pregnancy for dad-to-be

There are a few perks for dads-to-be during the pregnancy stage, here’s a few


There’s no doubt pregnancy can be tough on mums-to-be, morning sickness, don’t eat this, can’t do that, but there are some perks, nothing greater than growing your beautiful baby inside you, but you can also take a few months off worrying about that waistline. And while you enjoy these little perks, why not encourage dad-to-be to enjoy them too.

Here’s our helpful tips on how best dads-to-be can enjoy some perks of pregnancy.

1. Join in the cravings

If chocolate is your guilty pleasure, it’ll be a real sweetener if he picks you up some - which means the dad-to-be can indulge in his own love of the sweet stuff without feeling guilty.

2. Designated driver

Nights out will be cheaper with only one drinking, saving a fortune on taxis. Plus in the early days, men may occasionally have to ‘drink for two’ if you’re trying to disguise your condition on a night out with friends.

3. Contraception-free sex

Okay, you may not be feeling in the mood in the first few months but if you bloom in the second trimester then it’s win-win. Up to now, you’ve either been trying to conceive or trying not to - now you can just relax.

4. Weighty issue

Men may find it difficult not to gain a sympathy bump, particularly if indulging in the aforementioned chocolate cravings and boozy nights out.

5. Pride

Expectant dads have an air of achievement - a type of ‘look-what-I’ve-created’ smugness that is unique to their sex. Let them enjoy this short burst of macho pride, it’s a bit caveman-esque but harmless enough.

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Perks of pregnancy for dads-to-be