‘And I’m having…’ fun ways to reveal your baby’s sex

You don’t have to just drop it into conversation, try these ways to share the news

Fun ways to reveal the sex of your baby

If you know, why not tell the world, in a fun, creative way


Finding out you’re having a baby is so exciting, and now at your 20-week scan you often have the option to find out if you should be shopping for blue or pink. 

It’s your choice whether you find out or not, but if you decide to find out, you may find it hard not to shout it to the world. 

But don’t just drop it in conversation, get creative,  here are some fun, original ways to do it.

1. T-shirts for siblings

You can buy a T-shirt for your older child announcing: ‘I’m getting a baby brother/sister’: Dress your little one accordingly and send them around to their grandparents’ house. See how long it takes for granny and granddad to notice!

2. Tweak your ultrasound picture 

Edit your ultrasound picture and put it on social media: We share a lot these days, on Facebook, Twitter and  Instagram. There is a way of adding blue or pink emojis to your ultrasound picture and then post it for all to see.

3. Pink or blue bump

Take a picture of your bump while wearing blue or pink: Another one you can post on social media, which is a great way of involving family and friends who are living far away.

4. Buy balloons

Buy some pink or blue balloons and give them out to friends - or, if you’re feeling creative, bake some cakes with blue or pink icing.

5. Announce it at the baby shower

Throw a baby shower and get guests have to guess the sex of the baby. Have a prize at the end for the first correct one pulled out of the hat.

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‘And I’m having…’ fun ways to reveal your baby’s sex