Facts about having kids you won’t get from the books

Here’s our 10 aspects about parenting you won’t have read about

10 facts no one tells you about birth and kids

Don’t wait for it to happen, find out now what you may be in store for!

Newborn in mums arms

Read all the books you can, attend all the classes you can, but there are some weird and wonderful things about having a baby you won’t get from any books.

We’ve put together our list of things you really are unlikely to know until it happens…

1. That uncontrollable shaking

Known as ‘labour shakes’ sometimes during labour the increased level of hormones released in the body can cause the mother’s body to shake uncontrollably. It can be a bit frightening if you have not been warned, but is nothing to worry about.

2. The poo during labour is common

Afraid so ladies, this does happen. As horrifying as it sounds when you’re not in labour, trust us, if it does happen during labour, it will be the last thing on your mind, and the doctors and midwives see it all the time.

3. Some mothers eat their placenta after giving birth

This is actually becoming more and more popular with placenta encapsulation, even celebs such as Kim Kardashian and Coleen Rooney are joining in.

4. Prepare for ‘rusty pipe syndrome’

Sounds awful doesn’t it? This is a term used when a first-time mum’s breast milk can come out a pinky colour because there is some blood in it. It’s not as scary as it sounds, and is perfectly safe for baby to drink.

5. The nasal aspirator, you need prior warning of this

Nasal aspirators are a way to clear a tiny baby’s nose when it’s blocked, but it’s how it’s done that can shock new mums. It is basically a tube where one end goes into baby’s nose and the other in your mouth and wait for it, you suck all the contents out…

6. The soft spot

Baby’s head will have a clear soft spot which at first is not protected by their skull. There is of course a good reason for it, it helps baby travel through the birth canal easier and helps baby’s brain grow safely but when you see that spot it can be scary, but just remember, it gets stronger all the time and eventually will be as hard as the rest of baby’s head.

7. Car seats expire

A shocking bit of news many mums-to-be and possibly mums, won’t know. If you look in the manual of your car seat, you will find an expiry dates that usually falls within five to nine years of when it was made. It is a way to protect babies from being put in outdated seats that may not be as safe as they once were.

8. Baby boys do get erections

Yep, very true and totally normal.

9. The first poos

The first few nappies you change may leave you in shock as it won’t be anything like a normal poo. Often early poos are compared to tar in look and texture, but again, this is normal and a result of what they have ingested in the womb.

10. The most shocking bit of all…

Once you’re a parent, all this starts to appear normal!

Facts about having kids you won’t get from the books