Looking for a video monitor? Here's what you need to know

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The Lowdown

Having a baby monitor isn't 100% essential, especially if you live in a small house or flat, but they're great for providing reassurance while your baby is sleeping. The cheapest baby monitors on the market are audio monitors, but if you're a nervous first-time parent, or just like keeping a closer eye on your baby sleeping, a video monitor could be for you. They're a pricier option, with the bulk of models in the £100-200 range, but there are a few cheaper ones available on the market, too.

What to look for

Although they're designed for night-time use, some don't have great image quality in low light, so one with an infrared setting is useful. Some models give you the option of buying an extra video unit, so you can monitor more than one room at a time, useful if you have a baby and toddler in separate bedrooms. Some models have added functions such as light shows and melodies.

Need to know

You can now buy monitors that use your smartphone to receive the images instead of  a parent unit, often via an app. This means that if one parent is away from home, they can still keep an eye on their baby, as well as the parent at home.

Looking for a video monitor? Here's what you need to know