5 thoughts you will find hard to avoid as your due date approaches

Your due date is almost here, can you free your mind from these thoughts?

5 common thoughts as your due date approaches

What really goes through your mind as D Day gets closer? Any of these sound familiar

Pregnant woman looking at bump

So your due date is almost here, how does it really feel? Any of these things play on your mind as your due date crept round?

1. Counting the days V fearful of the next stage

It’s so exciting knowing your little one is about to make his/her debut into the world, plus their arrival means you can say goodbye to backache, hello to all those foods you have avoided for nine months and head into your exciting new life as a mum. But then there’s the flip side. Once baby is here it’s goodbye to 8 hours sleep a night and hour long soaks in the bath, so you may find yourself lapping up those last few days of peace.

2. Trying to think about everything but the birth

The birth is imminent and thinking about it is inevitable but those last few days it can be hard to think about anything else. All those birth programmes you watched so easily before you were pregnant, now come back to haunt you and you can’t get away from that question, how am I going to do it? But try and remember, millions of women get through it every day, and so will you.

3. Trying to block out those in the know

Anyone you come across who has had a baby will be full of advice of how to deal with the birth, what you should be doing before you go into labour, and of course, what you should do when baby arrives. You may not want to hear it all so just smile politely, walk away and block it from your mind. You will do it all your way.

4. Am I ready?

This thought will linger in your mind more and more as D day approaches. Do I have everything I need?  Have I read enough books? Am I ready to have this baby? The truth is, no one is ever 100% ready, but you will get there and if there’s something urgent you need get on the Internet and get shopping!

5. Will my life ever be the same again?

Let’s be honest, no. But you will be a mum forever and you will find what you want out of life takes on a whole new meaning once that little baby arrives in your world.

5 thoughts you will find hard to avoid as your due date approaches