Parenting tests to try your patience

Some very practical ways to prepare for what is to come when your baby arrives

Preparing for your baby: These tests will give you a taste of the reality to come

Try these crazy but real tests that will help you prepare for your little one’s arrival

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  • That will test your patience!

Baby covered in cake

It’s so exciting being pregnant and waiting for your precious new baby to arrive. You probably think you’re pretty ready having bought the cot, car seat, buggy and decorated the nursery

But hold on a sec, before you fade into your last few child-free months in a relaxed haze, try out these tests that will really help you be prepared for what is about to come.

1. You need a pretend baby

Finding something that’s a similar weight to a newborn baby a very big bag of sugar or flour should do the trick. Oh and now, you have to carry it around with you EVERYWHERE! And we mean everywhere, including checking your emails and every trip to the toilet. 

2. Let every cup of tea or coffee go cold

Afraid so, once your baby arrives, you will find yourself drinking ‘hot’ drinks when they’ve gone cold, so you may as well get some practice in now.

3. Stock up on baby wipes

These will be your best friend for the next several years. Start stocking up now and make sure you have packs in every room of the house and several packs in the car.

4. Decorate your mirror

Go around your house and on every mirror that is in any way reachable from little people, and cover your hands with jam or butter or any other greasy or sticky substance and create some lovely hand marks on your mirrors as these will be there for probably the next ten years, despite your efforts to keep them clean.

5. Dreaded stickers

Stickers will soon be your biggest nightmare. So get used to it now and stick them all over the house, on the walls, furniture, and even the toilet seat.

6. A new ‘film for the TV’

Cover your hands again in jam (or just do it straight after covering the mirrors!) and smear all over your TV screen, you will need to get used to watching the TV through a jam’ film’ soon!

7. Wake up call

Set your alarm to go off every hour throughout the night and drag yourself out of bed and pace around the house carrying your bag of sugar or flour.

All these should help you get a taste of what is to come when your baby arrives. But you may be better off to sit back and enjoy the peace while it lasts!

At a glance

  • That will test your patience!

Parenting tests to try your patience