Getting your insurance right

Because everything changes when you have little ones

The moment you become a mum – whether it’s the time you see that positive on the pregnancy test or hold your little one in your arms for the first time – your priorities change.

Now it’s all about ensuring your teeny tiny person is kept safe.


However, there may be one thing that you haven’t thought about amongst the all-important car seat and baby monitors and that’s your insurance.

Insurance is probably one of those things that you pay for every month via direct debit, but – until your reminders come through – never really think about.

However, with a new responsibility to take care of it might be time to pay a little revisit to your policies, including your life, car and home insurance.

Life insurance
We all know why life insurance is there – it’s in the name – but to give you a quick overview it’s in case you or your other half become seriously ill, have an accident or die.

Life insurance works by paying out a lump sum, or a regular income, if anything happens to you.

And it's more than worth it if you consider that some policies start from as little as £5 a month.

Just be sure to check the level of cover you need – for example if you have a mortgage you may need more – depending on your circumstances.

People’s lives do not fall into easy one-size-fits-all categories, so different types of life insurance have evolved to ensure that policies are available to those with different needs.

Car Insurance
While having a baby doesn’t mean your insurance policy goes up or down, there are certain things that happen when you have a baby on board.

Firstly, you’ll probably start driving at a slower pace and being more aware of your surroundings while you ferry your precious bundle around. In turn this means that you may avoid collisions.

If you are on maternity leave you may also be driving less and the fact that you won’t be driving to work means you can reduce your premium by informing your insurance company that you are only using your car for ‘domestic’ purposes only. It also means your mileage could be reduced.

Check your car insurance policy also covers your pram in the boot and car set.

Home and contents insurance
You’ve probably got them covered in your car insurance but what about all the baby products you have at home? Because let’s face it, prams and car seats – not to mention all those baby bits you’ve bought – aren’t cheap. 

Just make sure you have enough contents insurance to cover these and don’t forget to itemise any valuable one-off items.

Getting your insurance right