Baby carriers: Top sling styles

Take a look at the baby sling styles around and our top picks

The lowdown on the top baby sling styles

From wraps, pouch slings and structure slings, here's our round up of the best around

mum with baby in a sling

The Lowdown

Carrying your baby in a sling has so many benefits. You’ll both enjoy the closeness, and newborns will be soothed and comforted by your proximity. Wearing a sling will also keep your hands free to get on with things around the house, and make heading out and about less of a faff than taking a pushchair.

What to look for

If you’re thinking about carrying your baby in a sling, doing research beforehand is key. There are many different types, and it’s important to find the one that works best for you. Never buy the first one that you see in the shops, spend some time trying on different models instead. There are even sling libraries where you can borrow different types to use for a few days and see what suits you and your baby best.

Need to know

Your chosen sling should not place any strain on your back, neck or shoulders and should support your baby’s back in its natural curved ‘C’ shape and their legs in a ‘frog leg’ or ‘M’ position, with their hips lower than their knees. This helps prevent hip dysplasia. 

It’s important that you always make sure you follow the TICKS rules for safe babywearing. Keep your baby:
In view at all times
Close enough to kiss
Keep chin off chest
Supported back

Wrap sling ByKay 250

1. Wrap sling, £39.95, ByKay
A wrap sling is one of the most tricky to master, but once you've cracked it, you’ll be amazed how comfortable it is to wear. This one is made from soft, stretchy fabric, that’s ideal for cocooning and carrying newborns, just make sure you practice using it before leaving the house so you’ll feel as confident as possible.

Ring sling Calin Bleu 250

2. Ring sling, £39, Calin Bleu
This type of sling is extremely versatile, simple to use, and can be used all the way from carrying tiny newborns to toddlers on your hip. It’s made from a double layer of breathable and comfortable cotton gauze and is available in a rainbow of different shades to suit different tastes.

Pao carrier 250

3. Pao carrier, £89.99, We Made Me
The Pao is a soft-structured carrier suitable from four months to around three years old, and can be worn on either the parent’s back or front. It’s ideal for those new to sling wearing as it stands in the middle ground between a traditional sling and a more structured carrier.

Baby carrier Connecta 250

4. Baby carrier, £67.99, Connecta
Available in a wide choice of fabrics and colours, the Connecta baby sling is based on the design of a traditional Mei Tai carrier.  These are normally a simple panel of fabric with four straps, but this version has buckles added for ease. The shaped body and wide base supports baby's hips in the ergonomic M position, too.

Baby carriers: Top sling styles