Best lie-flat newborn car seats

If you're looking for a lie-flat car seat, here's the lowdown and some of the best

Our pick of the best lie-flat car seats

Lie-flat car seats are a good option today for your newborn, here'sour top picks

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The lowdown

Did you know that investing in a lie-flat car seat could benefit your baby's long term health?  Why? Because the average group 0+ car seat holds a newborn’s body at a slight recline, which experts don't recommend for more than two hours at a time because it can affect breathing and spine development. This time limit also includes when the seat is used out of the car, attached to a pushchair chassis or as a infant carrier. 

What to look for

A completely flat recline, and decent side impact protection. Some models can lie flat both in and out of the car, some only when used as travel system, so decide which option is for you.

Need to know

Lie-flat seats are expensive, purely because of the extra engineering involved. But using one of these seats means that your child always travels in the healthiest position, and gives you greater peace of mind on longer journeys, with no need to wake them up if they've been in the seat too long. It also means that you might not have to buy a carrycot for your pushchair too, as you can simply lay them flat in the car seat instead. There aren't many of these models on the market, but they’re extremely popular and recommended by experts.

Britax Baby Safe Sleeper 250

1. Britax Baby Safe Sleeper, £199
Suitable for the first six months, this carrycot can either be clicked onto a pushchair chassis as a pram, or belted into a vehicle as a lie-flat car seat. It’s compatible with most of Britax’s pushchairs, plus the interior is softly padded, so is suitable for premature babies and is washable, too. It also has a ‘roll cage’ feature so your baby is more protected in event of a crash.

Jane Matrix Light 2 250

2. Jane Matrix Light 2, £260
The Matrix Light 2 is compatible with Jane pushchairs including the Epic, Crosswalk, Muum, Twone and Rider, and is suitable from birth to around eighteen months.
The carrycot can be used for occasional overnight sleeping, so you don’t have to invest in a travel cot initially. Your child can travel lying down flat in carrycot mode to begin with, then there are four recline positions for older babies.

Cybex Cloud Q 250

3. Cybex Cloud Q, £240
This Group 0+ seat can be used from birth to around 13 kg, and can be reclined completely flat when used out of the car. For added safety it has retractable side impact rods that help the energy absorbing shell soak up the force of a side on collision, plus an integrated XXL foldaway sun canopy in matching colours and removable and washable covers.

Be Safe iZi Sleep 250

4. Be Safe iZi Sleep, £189.99
This Swedish brand is at the forefront of new safety enhancement in the car seat market, and their reclining Group 0+ car seat is no exception, as it allows your baby to lie-flat when used outside of the car. Can be used from birth to around 13kg, and has sturdy side impact protection and an easy to adjust five-point harness. Can be installed using a seatbelt or using Isofix fittings.

Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 250

5. Kiddy Evoluna i-Size, £389.99 
The Evoluna has patented Lie-Flat Technology so your child will be able to travel lying completely flat, whether strapped into the car or attached to your pram or pushchair chassis. The seat is also compatible with the Egg, Uppababy, Joolz, Baby Jogger and Oyster pushchairs and it meets the new iSize standards, too.

Best lie-flat newborn car seats