The lowdown on hip carriers and seats

Thinking of investing in a hip carrier? Here's what you need to know and five of the best

Baby carriers: Hip carriers and seats

What you need to know about the best hip carriers and seats for your baby

Once your child has reached three to six months, they’ll be big enough to be transported using a hip carrier. Carrying your baby on the hip is one of the most comfortable methods of transporting them, but choosing a specially -designed carrier means that it’ll be even easier, and will put less strain on your arms.

Baby hip seat

What to look for

There are two types of models to choose from. Stand-alone hip carriers are cheaper and cost from £15 - £40, but you can also buy ones that can carry in multiple ways, with a hip carry being one of the options. This type can be used from birth, whereas the hip only versions can’t be used until about 3-4 months old, but can ring in around the £100 mark so are a bigger investment.

Need to know

Comfort for you both is key, so look for wide straps and a thickly padded seat. Make sure that your baby’s legs will be in the hip-healthy ‘m’ or frog-leg position too.

The lowdown on hip carriers and seats