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Is smacking your child ever OK?

Educational psychologist shares interesting views

Do you think it’s ever OK to smack your child?

Psychologist offers non-judgmental advice

Is smacking OK?

  • New thoughts on smacking

Father smacking daughter

Smacking children has been a hotly debated topic for years and many have very strong views on the subject, but an educational psychologist has spoken out recently with a judgement-free alternative strategy to smacking.

Lynne Fry does not condemn parents who have smacked their children, she spoke to the Mirror Online and said that smacking doesn’t cause irreparable harm to a child if it is balanced with love.

She also pointed out that when children act up, it is often to get parents’ attention and when you smack your child, they are getting 100% of your attention, albeit in a negative way.

The best way to address your child’s bad behaviour, according to Lynne, is to try the 1-2-3 Magic approach. The method includes a soft early warning, followed by a stronger warning if necessary and then following through with a punishment if the behaviour continues.

Lynne also advocates the importance of getting down to your child’s level when giving the warnings and looking them in the eye to gain their attention.

In her experience and previous research conducted, Lynne maintains that consistent, predictable and fair treatment in childhood is what creates well-adjusted adults.

Is smacking OK?

  • New thoughts on smacking

Is smacking your child ever OK?