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Baby shower

Planning a baby shower

A fun celebration before baby arrives

Baby showers have seen a huge rise in popularity over the last few years and are no longer just for celeb mums-to-be. They have been a 'thing' in the US for years, and are now catching on big time here in the UK too.

At a glance

  • Make it a day to remember with lots of photos and videos
  • Include lots of fun and games
  • Don't leave it too late in case baby arrives early

The trend has doubtlessly been helped along by celeb mummies tweeting and Instagramming pics of their swanky bashes to the world, but a baby shower doesn't have to come with an A list price tag!

How to organise a baby shower

Baby showers are usually organised by friends of the mum-to-be, although of course there is no reason why you can’t throw your own. Sometimes work colleagues will arrange a baby shower for when the mum is about to go off on her maternity leave. However, bear in mind that mum will get tired as she begins to bloom so don’t leave it too late!

When and where to hold a baby shower

What you do is down to personal preferences – but bear in mind if you are organising the event for the mum-to-be, that she is unlikely to appreciate a boozy lunch she can't participate in, or a late night do. The practicalities of pregnancy must be taken into account.

That's probably why most baby showers are held at the mum's house, and usually during the day. Afternoon tea-style is always popular, and friends can all contribute by bringing a platter of sandwiches and cupcakes so the guest of honour doesn't have to do anything beyond enjoy herself.

Depending on the number of guests, and mum's stage of pregnancy, the party could just be a nice girly afternoon chatting and eating, or a pampering session or party games could be planned. If you are organising for a pregnant friend, always try and get a handle on what she would like (check with her partner or mum) so that she doesn't get any 'surprises' she might not want to participate in.

Baby shower gift ideas

As baby will no doubt get a load of presents on their 'birthday', a baby shower is a nice opportunity to treat mum, so think about gifts for her at this stage – maybe a hair salon voucher to use after the birth, or a mobile beautician to come and give her a manicure and pedicure at the party or a few weeks before her due date (by which time reaching her own toes will be nigh-on impossible!). For more baby shower ideas and gift inspiration take a look at our suggestions on the Baby shower ideas article.

Whatever you decide to do for your own – or your friends – baby shower, make it a day to remember by taking lots of pics and videos –it could be the last time you all get together before baby's arrival.

At a glance

  • Make it a day to remember with lots of photos and videos
  • Include lots of fun and games
  • Don't leave it too late in case baby arrives early
Throwing a baby showers is a great way to pamper a mum-to-be before baby's arrival

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