The lowdown on i-Size car seats

If you're thinking about choosing an i-Size car seat here is what you need to know

Our pick of i-Size car seats

i-Size car seats are a popular choice for parents, here's our pick of some of the best

All car seats are approved to a regulation, meaning they must pass certain tests before they can go on sale. The new European standard for child car seats, known as i-Size, forms part of regulation ECE R129. Therefore, I-Size seats are becoming more popular with parents but there are some things you need to look out for.

What to look for

If you’re looking to buy an i-Size car seat, you’ll need to check the list of approved vehicles that fit the seat and check the fitting in your car. You will need to check your child’s height rather than weight to ensure the seat is the correct size.

Need to know

At the moment, i-Size regulations are running parallel with the old car seat regulations and is expected to stay this way for now, but from 2017, i-Size will be the legal requirement for all car seats.


  • Check your car is compatible with an i-Size car seat.
  • Be sure to know your child’s height when choosing an i-Size seat.
  • Check for the i-size/ECE R129 label.

iSize car seat

The lowdown on i-Size car seats