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Why parents-to-be and new parents should check their free credit report

Here’s why it’s a good idea to check your free credit report now you’re parents

Your free credit report: Why you should check it now

Your credit report is important for getting credit, so check out yours now

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Finances are always important, but even more so when you have a family to look after. A new baby is exciting, but you’ll soon have to think about how a cot, clothes and nappies factor into your day-to-day necessities. Plus, some may think about moving home or changing to a more family-friendly car.

Now’s the time to get on top of your money and make the most of your finances. Expectant and new parents can sign up for their free credit report from TotallyMoney. It takes less than three minutes and can be done on desktop, mobile or app — whenever and wherever you are. 

Your credit report shows your live credit score and 6 years of credit history. As well as this, you’ll get an analysis of your credit use and practical tips about how to improve your score. 

With a higher credit score, it’s possible to get better offers on a whole range of products. This could be a car finance deal to get a larger car as your family grows, or a credit card with an interest-free offer to help manage the costs that come with having a little one.

You can find some great offers in your TotallyMoney account and see how likely you are to be accepted for them*. Keep in mind, if you choose to borrow, always be sure you can keep up with your repayments and only borrow what you can afford.

There are some things you could do to help improve your chances of being approved for credit applications. Checking your report for mistakes is one of them. It’s easy to correct any errors you find and, when this is done, your score could increase. 

Your report also shows if your address is up to date with lenders and if you’re on the electoral register. Starting a family often means moving to a bigger home, so make sure you change your address with all your banks, lenders, and the local authorities. As well as letting you vote, being on the electoral register could improve your credit score as lenders can more easily check who you are.

Sign up for your free credit report today and improve your score. 

*TotallyMoney is an independent credit broker, not a lender

Why parents-to-be and new parents should check their free credit report