Just how can pregnancy affect your sex drive?

Pregnancy can bring many changes but did you know your libido can change in varying stages of pregnancy, and often for the better

Your sex drive during pregnancy

Here’s our helpful guide on your sex drive during pregnancy

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It’s important to remember that every woman’s experience with pregnancy is different, but your libido can change in varying stages of pregnancy, and often for the better. Even when you have an easy and good rapport with your midwife, there are some questions which no matter how delicately worded, can feel like you’re sharing a little too much information, which is why we’ve written this guide.

As your bump grows, you may find that positions you used to enjoy are simply not comfortable. Try out these and make the most of this time with your partner. Pregnancy sex is great for helping you stay mentally, emotionally, and physically connected.

Ooh la la! positions to help enjoy yourselves when your bump is bigger

  1. Spooning (partner)
  2. Partner on a chair, you facing outwards
  3. Scissors (google it hard to imagine without a picture to describe it!)
  4. You on top and ‘Reverse Cowgirl’
  5. You lying on your back on the edge of the bed – your partner standing or kneeling (depending on the height of your bed!)
  6. Leaning against a wall – partner behind
  7. On all fours
  8. On a table or kitchen counter

Not tonight, dear…

In the first trimester, the rising hormones than can cause tiredness, pregnancy sickness and sensitive boobs may lower your sexual desire.

Yet, as these not so fun first trimester symptoms subside you may notice an increase in your sex drive. This is because of increased vaginal lubrication and increased clitoris sensitivity due to all that extra blood flowing around you. It can even result in a more pleasurable sexual experience with your partner, so make the most of it if this perk of pregnancy strikes you, as later in the third trimester, extra weight and back ache may decrease your sexual desire.

Red Light

It is possible that your midwife may advise you to abstain from having sex. For example; if you’re having issues with your pelvic joints, if you’re at risk of premature birth, or have placenta previa also known as a low-lying placenta.

Just how can pregnancy affect your sex drive?