Helpful tips for pregnant women in their 9th month

You’re nearing the end of your pregnancy, these tips are worth listening to

Things to listen to in your 9th month of pregnancy

Some good tips worth listening to for a woman in her 9th month of pregnancy

Pregnant woman on sofa with popcorn

By your ninth month of pregnancy you may be sick of getting advice from anyone and everyone about your pregnancy, but these are some helpful tips you may want to stop and listen to.

1. You look amazing!

Definitely worth listening to any time someone chooses to say that to you!

2. Let me do the chores

This maybe one of the few times in your life your partner or family member or good friend offers to do this for you…take it! 

3. Take a nap

Who needs asking twice? Particularly when you are carrying round an almost full size newborn in your tummy, run (or waddle) up to that bed as fast your legs will carry you.

4. Want me to make you a snack?

Oh enjoy this one, while anyone is prepared to make you some food, or even go out to get you exactly what you want in the middle of the night, that won’t last long so take full advantage.

5. Can I get you another cushion/blanket?

Again, worth taking full advantage of, and while they’re there, they may as well give you a foot rub after all, you haven’t been able to reach your own feet for months now.

Helpful tips for pregnant women in their 9th month