Why pregnancy can be a rough ride

Some things can make pregnancy a long nine months

Some of the not so fun things about pregnancy

Pregnancy isn’t so much fun if you suffer from any of these…

Why pregnancy isn’t always fun

  • The things that can make pregnancy tough for some

Pregnant woman with hand on bump

Ah isn’t pregnancy great, well the end result certainly is, but pregnancy itself isn’t always a barrel of laughs, particularly if you suffer from any of the below.

1. The morning sickness

Although most people suffer with morning sickness at the beginning of their pregnancy,  for some, the sickness lasts the entire nine months and a morning trip to open the fridge can see you heaving and running for the nearest loo.

2. Changing body

Some women can’t wait for their breasts to get bigger in pregnancy, others with already large breasts may feel their chest is nearly exploding and even the hammock size bra you picked up doesn’t even seem to hold them in place.

3. The sleeping, or lack of

You’re prepared for the lack of sleep when your baby comes but for some, sleep can become a distant memory during pregnancy. As your bump grows it can be near on impossible to get comfortable at night on your back, side and certainly not your front. Upright, flat, forget it, sleep for some becomes a thing of the past.

4. The tiredness

What is with the tiredness? If you were a night person before pregnancy you won’t be during. If someone phones you at 8pm you will find yourself saying: “Who would call at this time?” Before realising that most people aren’t in bed at 8pm like you.

5. Puffy ankles

Particularly if you are pregnant in the summer or work in a job that requires you to be on your feet a lot, you may find puffy ankles are there to stay through your pregnancy. All your gorgeous strappy shoes may gather some dust for a few months, just doesn’t have the same look with puffy ankles.

Why pregnancy isn’t always fun

  • The things that can make pregnancy tough for some

Why pregnancy can be a rough ride