Baby bump nicknames

Here's some great ideas to give your bump a personalised name

Naming your bump

Giving your bump a nickname is one way to help you bond with your unborn baby. Take a look at our Bounty Community’s creative bump nicknames for inspiration when naming your bump!

bump nicknames

Below are some of the cute names mums have given their bumps.

Kris - Our bump was called Mr Bump because it was a boy, I am accident prone, and we like Mr Men! 

Stacy - We called ours "Nemo" - one of our first dates was to go and see Finding Nemo at the cinema, and I love the beginning when Marlon cradles the egg in his hands and says he will never let anything happen to him - when we went to our first scan it just made me think of that moment for some reason! 

Caz - My bump is called pie baby cos it took ages for me to show. Now have 3 weeks left with another little girl Isabella xx

Katie - Bump is called moo, because the moment we found out she was a girl, we went shopping and got her a cow print snowsuit! Since then she's been Millie moo xxx

Kirsty - mine was bubbles coz that’s what’s seen on the first scan pic

Megan - I called my bump bellybean until about 30 weeks when he became bellymelon because he was too big to be a bean x

Sam - Poppy as when I was looking at pregnancy apps it said baby was the size of a poppy seed, months later poppy has stuck and we still don't know the sex

Kira -  Jelly bean, because that's how big and the shape my boy was when I found out I was pregnant 

Bernadette -  My bump was Queenie as I was due June 5th (Queen's Jubilee). Evie didn't arrive till the 17th in the end but her middle name is Victoria (Queenie was Queen Victoria's nickname)  :D

Lisa - Ours is first time we saw him it was just a flick on the screen

Ailsa -  My little girl calls it Brister.. derived from when we asked her if she wanted a brother or a sister lol

Katie - My first daughter was the quaver belly, just because it rhymed with the name we were planning to give her.

Christine - Ours was Sheldon as in the big bang theory as my hubby is a geek just like him lol

Adele - My bump was called turtle as had early scan and looked like a little turtle until we found out we are having a little girl.

Gemma  - Ethica, because if the baby was a girl it would be Jessica or for a boy Ethan. However we had a girl and called her Amelia lol 

Luanne - My first was flump, because I felt fat and my belly was always lumpy because he would only lay to one side. Now I'm preg with my second it was just Bump until we found out it's a girl so now I just call it Kelsie xx

Clare - My bump was called bubble and when he was born he was blowing bubbles

Becca -  Shrimp!!! Because my first scan looked like them pink sweet shrimps you can get and we don't know the sex! X

Nikki -  I’ve nicknamed mine Peaches as it’s the only thing I can stomach to eat without being sick lol xx

Lowenna  - mine was dinks, she she's still dinks nearly 10 months on, she'll always be my dinks even when she's 18 ha ha

Lottie - I'm having my first & we call ours Bloop Bloop, saw him/her first clear heartbeat at 12w & I saw it like bubbles going bloop bloop, lol!

Charlotte - She was parasite at first cos I felt so ill, then it was a mixture of spud and babyC

Emily  - Mine was called kinder surprise because we didn't no what was inside the egg 

Sherina -  Mine was pip as I craved sour granny smith crispy apples lol xx

Carrie - Peanut as she looked like a peanut on the first scan. Then Princess Peanut once we found out we were having a girl

Baby bump nicknames