What they don't tell you about pregnancy

With many dos and don'ts in pregnancy, here are a few you might not expect!

Things you want to do when pregnant...but can't

Pregnancy can make you want to do all sorts of things...but some, you just can't!

Pregnant woman pulling hair

It's well known to avoid smoking or drinking alcohol during pregnancy, as well as steering clear of soft cheese and raw eggs and probably avoid flying in the final few weeks - but there’s other things you may not be aware of.

You may find you want to do things you wouldn't normally but pregnancy can affect a strange affect on you.

1. Walk around naked

Your body temperature can be all over the place during pregnancy and you may even be tempted to strip off wherever you are, you should probably wait until you’re in the comfort of your own home (and make sure the blinds are shut!)

2. Tell people what you really think

You sometimes feel like public property and everyone has a word of advice or a penchant to touch your bump. Sometimes you just want to scream at everyone to ‘go away’ but you stop yourself…However, don’t be afraid to politely rebuff unwanted advances.

3. Fall asleep at your desk

Work can be hard going with a bump in tow and fighting tiredness can be a constant battle but do your best to save nap times for home.

4. Breaking wind

Not the most pleasant of pregnancy side effects but a real one for many nonetheless. While you may never usually have an issue with wind or holding it in, don't be surprised if it is an issue during pregnancy.

5. Have sex to bring on labour

It’s considered a way to get the ball rolling, but if you’re a week overdue and you usually go on top, you may find it a bit of a challenge, physically speaking. 

6. Shout at the doctor

Especially if you're told you may have gained a little too much weight, but as tempting as it may be, try and keep calm and remember they are only saying it to ensure your health and that of your baby's.

7. Sleep comfortably

Almost impossible in the third trimester, many find it one of the biggest challenges of pregnancy. 

8. Just have a normal pee! 

It’s almost impossible to have a ‘quick wee’ when you’re heavily pregnant. You have to negotiate your bump, public toilet doors and locks - and once you’ve managed to complete the task, it’s often time to go again!

What they don't tell you about pregnancy