Nine things worth knowing before entering another pregnancy

Subsequent pregnancies can be different to a first, here's how

Subsequent pregnancy rules to bear in mind

The things that may be different in future pregnancies

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Bounty mums tell us their subsequent pregnancies were very different from their first. Here’s what you need to know before embarking on making another baby.

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1. You may not get as much pampering this time around

With a little one in tow, it may be harder this time around to get as much pampering during this pregnancy after all, you both have a little one to look after as well as growing this baby.

2. Bye bye sports car

If you were holding on to your slightly sporty little car now’s probably the time to admit defeat. Maybe not a full-on people carrier - but definitely something with more doors.

3. Don’t worry too much about child number one’s reaction to your ever-expanding belly

Even when they say ‘Noooo, make it go away, Mummy’. There’s time to turn this thing around. Hopefully.

4. You can take random strangers’ advice with a pinch of salt

You’ve been pregnant before, which makes you just as much of an expert as the woman on the street who taps on you on the shoulder, looks at your toddler and says, ‘ooh, I wouldn’t let him suck his thumb’.

5. Buy enough maternity clothes

Make sure you have enough maternity clothes as you don't know how long you'll need them.

6. Show off your bump as early as you can

Chances are you'll have a bump earlier in this pregnancy, so show it off as soon as you can.

7. Be prepared for bladder weakness

You could find your bladder is weaker this time round, so make sure you always go before leaving the house, even if you think you don't need it.

8. You might not record as much of this pregnancy

The reality this time around is you have a little one to take care of as well as going through a pregnancy, so don't be too tough on yourself if you don't have as many pictures recorded of this pregnancy.

9. Preparation for birth may be less detailed

When you're preparing to pack your hospital bag it may be less detailed than in your first pregnancy with all those little extras, but this time you have the benefit of experience of knowing what you really need with you.

Nine things worth knowing before entering another pregnancy