Ten rules you NEED to know before entering pregnancy number two

Your second pregnancy will be very different – here’s how

Second pregnancy rules to follow

The things that may be different in pregnancy second time round

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Bounty mums tell us their second pregnancies were very different from their first. Here’s what you need to know before embarking on making baby number two.

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1. You will not be treated like a princess this time

You won’t get to put your feet up, be pampered and regarded with awe because you’re masterfully growing a new life inside you. No. They know you can do it this time, so you’ll be lucky to get the odd Chinese takeaway.

2. Bye bye sports car

If you were holding on to your slightly sporty little car (yes I can JUST about get the car seat in if I lunge right in like a cartoon character gone head-first into a barrel) now’s probably the time to admit defeat. Maybe not a full-on people carrier yet - that can wait for pregnancy number three – but definitely something with more doors.

3. Don’t worry too much about child number one’s reaction to your ever-expanding belly

Even when they say ‘Noooo, make it go away, Mummy’. There’s time to turn this thing around. Hopefully.

4. You can take random strangers’ advice with a pinch of salt

You’ve been pregnant before, which makes you just as expert as the woman on the street who taps on you on the shoulder, looks at your toddler and says, ‘ooh, I wouldn’t let him suck his thumb’.

5. Buy enough maternity clothes

After all, this time you know you’ll be wearing them for six months AFTER the baby is born, too.

6. Don’t bother with the over-priced ante-natal classes

Or if you do, you’ll know to ignore the bit where they say some women reach a state of ecstasy during childbirth.

7. Wear those clingy ‘look at my bump’ clothes right away in the first trimester

You want to look properly pregnant as soon as you can, not just like you ate all the pies. And make the most of your cleavage while you can: remember what happened to it after the birth last time?

8. You know you thought your bladder was weak last time?

Well…let’s just say Tena Lady could soon be your friend.

9. You won’t take weekly pictures of your bump, or have time to put every single scan picture on Instagram

But did your friends really love all those weird alien-fish images as much as you did, anyway? Just remember to take a few pictures so your second child doesn’t feel neglected in later life.

10. Preparing for the birth won’t mean which scented candles to pack in your hospital bag or what music to put on your playlist

You will barely remember you need a hospital bag. It will mean only one thing: who is going to look after your first child when you go in labour? And will the friendship survive a 3am phone call?

Ten rules you NEED to know before entering pregnancy number two