Top 10 tips to beat a case of baby brain

Need some help fighting off baby brain? Here's some tips...

Tips to fight off baby brain

Forgetful? Can’t remember where you put your keys? Read our top tips on how to beat a case of baby brain when pregnant

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When you’re pregnant you may find that you start to suffer a case of baby brain! Can’t remember where you put your purse or your keys? We understand this familiar feeling and have put together our top 10 tips to help you beat it so you can start to feel a little more in control. 

Use the notes on your phone 

Trying to remember everything with a case of baby brain is going to lead to a few disasters! Try writing things down on your phone so that you have lists with you wherever you go. This can be especially helpful for the errands you need to run or even things you need to pick up at the supermarket.

Play games to keep your mind sharp

It’s well known that Sudoku, word games and logic problems can help to keep your mind sharp. Instead of switching on the TV, buy a word game book or open the newspaper and complete one of these. 

Clench your fists 

This may sound strange, but researches in America believe that if you clench your right fist when trying to remember something it can help you to retain the information. Then when you’re trying to recall the information apparently clenching your left fist may help.

Ensure you get enough sleep 

Getting sleep when pregnant can be difficult, however sleep can help you with memory. Memory has three functions, introducing new information, making the memories stable, and recollection - sleep helps all three of these functions. 

Repeat things out loud 

This can be an easy thing to get into the habit of doing. When someone says something to you that you want to remember or even the location of your car keys, repeat this outloud to yourself. Experts believe repetition helps to transfer information from short-term memory to more permanent storage. Even mouthing it can help you recall it later on. 

Eat foods high in DHA and Omega 3

Ever heard people saying this when you’ve got an important test or exam? When you’re pregnant it can help too. Foods like salmon, eggs, walnuts and cranberries are all great for your memory. 

Drink water 

Try and remember to drink lots of water throughout the day. If you’re dehydrated you’re more likely to have a lack of concentration, as well as get headaches and nausea. 

Do some light exercise 

Not only will this help you with your baby brain, light exercise during pregnancy can help the brain of your unborn child too! Exercise will help stimulate your circulation and promote blood flow and oxygen to your brain. 

Sniff Rosemary Oil 

In folk medicine, rosemary has been associated with having a good memory. Buy some rosemary oil and sniff it in the morning and evening to help beat your baby brain. 

Form habits for day to day activities

If you do things all the time, try and form habits for them. For example put a bowl by the front door that you always can put your keys in, or if you go to the shops and forget where you parked your car, try and always park near to a shopping trolley bay to help narrow your search! 

Top 10 tips to beat a case of baby brain