The limbo of pregnancy

That stage in pregnancy when you just feel in limbo, remember?

First trimester pregnancy limbo

Did you experience pregnancy limbo?

Woman looking at growing tummy

There’s that point in your pregnancy when you just feel in limbo. You are showing, but it’s not a defined bump so you just don’t know where you are.
Here are some clear cut signs you are in pregnancy limbo.

1. Having to ‘fake’ your drinks

That early stage of pregnancy before you’re ready to share your news and your girlfriends insist you come out for a drink. Knowing you can’t drink alcohol you spend the whole evening ‘faking’ that your lemonade has a vodka in it.

2. The emotional early days

That point in your pregnancy where you cover off every emotion possible in one day and can go from sobbing at a TV ad to screaming at the cat for being under your feet in a split second.

3. Is it a bump or extra few pounds?

When you start to show in your pregnancy, it’s rarely the gradual growing of a neat little bump, but more the spreading of you middle area in all directions. You can feel people you know thinking, ooh she’s put on a few pounds lately.

4. What to wear

That inbetween stage when you no longer feel comfortable in your usual clothes but don’t have a bump that could handle maternity wear, baggy trackies it is then.

5. Shop or not to shop

You’re getting close to your 12 weeks but not quite there and all you want to do is shop for your new arrival. Everywhere you go you see gorgeous baby clothes, nursery sets you always dreamed of, but you just don’t dare shop quite yet.

The limbo of pregnancy