Pregnant in the office vs at home with a toddler

How different it is being in an office pregnant or home with a toddler...recognise these?

Pregnancy at work v pregnancy at home

How different is it being in an office while pregnant and being at home? Take a look

Pregnant woman at work

Picture the scene: You’re stuck in the office while eight-and-a-half months pregnant, determined to work for as long as you can so you can hang on to your maternity leave. You’re uncomfortable, tired, hungry and hormonal - and yet your boss still needs you to do a hundred jobs before you finish up. That’s before you even start to think about the commute home, when you valiantly hope some kind soul will offer you a seat on the train.

Wouldn’t it be so much nicer to be at home, you muse. And if you opt to leave the rat race after the first baby, then you’d get to spend the entire second pregnancy in the comfort of your own home with your darling toddler. Win win? Well, maybe.

Mums tend to discover that there are pros and cons to both scenarios.

Pluses for being at work

1. Lunch is for wimps: At work you tend to take a lunch hour - even if you are rushed off your feet, there are regulations that require you to take a break. No such rules at home, just the ones toddler makes. 
2. That sickly feeling: At work, you sometimes get a sympathetic ear if you’re unwell - someone may even make you a cup of tea. At home, toddler doesn’t care how you feel and still requires your undivided attention. The only cups of tea are the lukewarms one you haven’t had time to drink.
3. Nowhere to hide: Bathrooms are handy at work if you need a quick five-minute breather, there’s no such luxury at home. Well, there’s a bathroom obviously but solo visits are a thing of the past.
4. Rest is futile: At least if you have an office job, you can sit at your desk, (even if you do feel very uncomfortable). And you can’t see the amount of housework that needs to be done.

Pluses for being stay-at-home with toddler

1. You don’t actually have to get dressed at home, toddler doesn’t care what you look like and there’s no need to put makeup on. 
2. You no longer have to endure standing beside sweaty strangers on the commute to work.
3. You don’t have to engage in small talk with annoying colleagues.
4. You can always put an episode of Peppa Pig on to catch a few minutes’ peace.

Pregnant in the office vs at home with a toddler