Now my pregnancy is over, I miss....

The little perks of pregnancy you miss now baby is here

Do you miss these aspects of pregnancy

There are some elements of pregnancy you may find yourself missing...any of these sound familiar?

Woman holding pregnancy tummy

OK, it was a long 40 weeks and you can’t wait to meet your baby - finally. But admit it: there are a few little things about being pregnant you miss…

All the attention

As soon as your bump is visible, you become Special with a capital S. Random strangers smile at you in the supermarket and ask when the baby’s due. Your partner treats you like the exquisite princess you always knew you were. We all know who will be star of the show when birth-day arrives. Clue: it’s a lot smaller and cuter than you will be.

That nice neat bump

We’ve probably never been as large as when we’re nine months pregnant, yet why is it that so many women say they’ve never felt as confident about their bodies? Probably because that enormous, round bump hides all the wobbly or knobbly bits we didn’t like before, and also distracts us from thinking about them 24/7. Sad to think our stomachs will be almost as big for a while after the birth - just a whole lot less firm.

That lovely glossy hair

It’s all down to the extra oestrogen flooding your body, apparently. The hormone slows down the natural cycle of hair growth and hair loss, so you manage to keep more on your head and lose less on the brush. Sadly, it doesn’t last. As soon as the baby is born the cycle goes back to normal. Cue panic in the shower as you watch your newly luscious strands disappear down the plughole.

The excitement of waiting

When you’re pregnant you’re basically in a state of constant anticipation. Waiting to see what your baby will look like. Waiting to find out how you’ll cope. Waiting for the adventure to start. Maybe you’ll miss that sense of innocent expectation (especially when you’re feeding the baby at 3am).
Not having periods. How great was it not to have to buy tampons or worry about PMT? The good news is that breastfeeding should delay their return.

The chivalry

When you’re pregnant it’s like taking a step back to the 1930s: people open doors for you, smile, and give you their seat on trains or buses. When you’re trying to get on the bus with a pram and a crying baby, they probably won’t even look you in the eye.

Giving in to food cravings

When you’re pregnant, how could you not eat three packets of barbecue beef flavour Hula Hoops? Your body was clearly giving you a subliminal message about those vital nutrients you were missing. But that excuse disappears the moment you give birth. Then it’s just called greedy.

Your partner doing the housework

You only had to say ‘I’m so exhausted’ and tasks would miraculously get done. 

Blaming your pregnancy for, well, everything

Behaviour that would normally annoy your friends and family, like forgetting birthdays, taking afternoon naps and putting your car keys in the fridge can all be blamed on pregnancy brain. Not any more….(But the good news is – now it’s called baby brain!)

Now my pregnancy is over, I miss....