What to expect from life as a pregnant couple

Now you’re pregnant, your relationship may be a little different than before

Your life now you’re a pregnant couple

Life takes on a whole new meaning now you're pregnant

Pregnant couple on sofa

Whether your relationship was full of romantic nights out, exotic holidays or cosy evenings under a blanket sharing a take away, it’s safe to say things will be a little different now you’re pregnant.

Any of these become normal in your relationship?

1. Cameras at the ready

Evenings are now spent with your phone cameras firmly pointed at the bump just waiting to see a bit of baby movement that you can capture on video.

2. Heading out the door 

Oh wait, you have to visit the loo before you go.

3. Eating habits 

If you decide to treat yourself to a take away or a drive through you now spend at least 15 minutes deciding what you fancy, but worrying it may not be enough so you debate ordering a couple of little ‘extras’ to ensure you are not left hungry while your partner waits ‘patiently’ with their credit card as they debate why they are paying for food to feed an entire army.

4. Share and share alike

As you settle down to watch a film together with a bowl of popcorn, you find yourself uncontrollably slapping your partner’s hand away as they dare to try and take some.

5. Bedtime

You argue about why your partner has to have the TV on so late and all the lights on when it’s time for bed, and they quietly remind you it is actually only 8pm.

6. And again

Wherever you go, whatever you’re doing, you have to stop to visit the loo, again.

Watch this NHS video on ways to help your pregnant partner.


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What to expect from life as a pregnant couple