Your baby’s development – Trimester 3

Here’s what you can expect from your baby’s development in trimester 3

Trimester 3: What to expect from your baby’s development

Now you’re in your final trimester, here’s some developments your baby will be go through as they prepare to meet you

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You’ve now reached the 29th week of your pregnancy and are now in your final trimester of your pregnancy. Here are some things you can expect from your baby in the final few weeks.

Week 29: Studies have shown that by now nearly all babies react to light as well as sound.

Week 30:
Your baby’s developing brain now has grooves on the surface and is starting to look more like an adult brain

Week 31:
Your baby won’t grow much more in length now but will continue to put on weight. During weeks 36-40 your baby gains body fat at a rate of at around 1-2lb per week.

Week 32: Your little one has dreams! Babies at this stage have similar dream sleep patterns to adults; they’re probably dreaming about meeting you!

Week 33: Your little one is likely to be settling down into a head-down position over the next few weeks.

Week 34: Although your little one is snug in there, with their knees curled up to their chest, you’ll still feel baby move right up until you go into labour.

Week 35:
Your baby may be engaged now and as they move down into your pelvis, any breathlessness that you may have been feeling can ease. This is called ‘lightening.’

Week 36:
If your baby is lying sideways it’s called ‘Transverse’ and if you and baby are spine to spine it’s called ‘Posterior’. ‘Anterior’ (where baby is facing your spine) is the best birth position.

Week 37:
They might not have as much room for gymnastics but you will feel your baby twisting and wriggling right up until labour.

Week 38: Most of your baby’s downy hair called ‘lanugo’ and the protective white substance ‘vernix caseosa’ has disappeared now.

Week 39:
Fully developed now your baby will continue to put on weight. Their fat will help to regulate their body temperature after birth.

Week 40:
The average baby weighs around 7.5lbs (3.4kg) and measures around 51cm in length – but of course every baby is different!

Your baby’s development – Trimester 3