5 reasons why you may be missing your pregnancy bump

You may think you will be glad to see the bump go, but hang on…you may miss it a bit…

Why you might be missing your bump

Your pregnancy bump has kept your baby safe for 9 months, and you may just miss it when it’s gone

Big pregnancy bump

When you complain about your aching back and not being able to see your feet, someone will always respond with “you’ll miss your bump when its gone,” and actually, they may have a point.

Here’s 5 reasons why you may miss that bump when its gone…

1. Everything else looks smaller

If your ever conscious of the size of your bottom or thighs, rest assured, when you have a big bump, everything else looks smaller…result!

2. No need to shave your legs

Well, if you can’t reach them, you can’t shave them, simple!

3. You get a seat on the bus

Well it’s not guaranteed but most of the time, your pregnant bump will be the reason someone gives their seat up for you. 

4. It’s a great bowl holder

Lying on the sofa with your big bump and it doubles up at about the right height to balance your bowl of popcorn on. Brilliant.

5. Knowing your baby is totally protected

While your baby is safely wrapped up in your tummy, after the birth you may miss that feeling of knowing your baby is wrapped safely in cotton wool at all times.

5 reasons why you may be missing your pregnancy bump