Common myths about second time births dispelled

We take the truth from the myths surrounding second time births

4 Truths v myths of second births

Don’t listen to myths surrounding giving birth the second time around, we dispel common myths

pregnant woman with daughter

What to listen to and what to ignore when it comes to advice surrounding pregnancy and birth isn’t easy. We help you understand the fact from the fiction when it comes to giving birth second time round.

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1. Second time labour will be faster

They certainly can be but do not assume this is always the case. The first stage of labour (your first regular contractions and when you being dilating) is often quicker second time round, but remember, babies make their own rules and often break them!

2. Second time babies arrive earlier than their due date

Many second time parents have actually found the opposite with baby number and they tend to arrive an average of 3 days after their due date. But as always with babies, they will arrive when they’re ready and not a moment sooner.

3. Second babies are heavier than first

Actually quite often the case but again, there’s no rule. Older mums do tend to have heavier babies so it is no surprise that your second may weigh more than your first as you will naturally be older when you give birth.

4. Second labours are always easier

This is certainly not always the case. The truth is, some second time mums can consider a quicker birth an easier birth but this isn’t necessarily the case. Just because it doesn’t last as long, doesn’t mean it is easier.

Common myths about second time births dispelled