When should I make my pregnancy announcement?

Getting the timing right when making the big announcement is tricky. Read on, for information & tips on when's the best time to announce pregnancy

When's best to announce my pregnancy?

It's up to you when you announce your pregnancy to the world, but these tips may help you decide

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Pregnancy is full of decisions, but perhaps the first one on the agenda is when to share the wonderful news that you are expecting! We have put together a little guide to inform you of the pros and cons of announcing either side of the important 12 week mark, but first a few questions and thoughts to consider yourself, before the big reveal!

Are you comfortable with the exciting news? It’s completely natural to have the burning desire to shout from the rooftops the second you see that positive result, however our first piece of advice is to fully process the news internally before making the big announcement. 

Becoming pregnant is huge news for you and your partner, so enjoy the news together and discuss it as a couple before letting the cat out of the bag. It is important you have both come to terms with the big upcoming changes ahead.

Equally, being scared, freaked out or worried is also a common reaction, so work the news through yourself until you are completely comfortable with the world knowing - there really is no rush.

Have you had your 12 week scan yet? 12 weeks is the most common time for mums-to-be to break the news, the reason being that once you pass this 3 month stage the risk of miscarriage dramatically reduces. Miscarriages are absolutely nothing to be ashamed of or secretive about, they are actually much more common than people may think. However often the reason for not sharing before this point is it can be hard to share the upsetting news with too many people. 

Do your family and close friends know the big news? It’s never nice for your closest friends or family to find out through their social feeds, so we recommend taking the time to contact those nearest and dearest to you with the announcement. It doesn't have to be weeks or months before, but even just a couple of days is a nice gesture. 

It is worth noting that you legally don’t need to tell your employer you're pregnant until you are just over 3 months from when the baby is due. It is common for people to share the news in the workplace before this, but bare in mind you are not obliged to make any early news breaks. 

Often, once the news is out it is a relief as you can start having the conversation about dates, maternity pay and you can also stop worrying about hiding your little bump. Telling work early is also a good way to let others around you know it’s totally fine if you are feeling a little tired and that’s it’s normal to be running back and forth to the loo. 

When should I make my pregnancy announcement?