Pregnancy brain: Did any of these happen to you in your pregnancy?

Pregnancy brain - recognise these from your pregnancy?

Did you experience pregnancy brain

Pregnancy can bring a lot of changes, did you experience pregnancy brain over your 9 months?

tired mum by her bed

Many women experience ‘mumnesia’ while pregnant, with short-term memory loss and finding it difficulty to concentrate among the common complaints. 

There is no medical research to suggest our brains are altered during pregnancy but a number of factors could contribute to these lapsed memory moments, like when we walk upstairs for something and forget what it is we were going to get, or lose an entire bag of shopping on the way back from the supermarket or a best friend’s birthday goes completely out of our head.

The fatigue, the hormones, the overwhelming feelings of delight and, sometimes, fear that accompany pregnancy - it’s no wonder we get a little muddled. We are born to juggle but sometimes we just have too many balls in the air.

We are so focused on getting ready for our little one to arrive that sometimes it all gets a little overwhelming. Combine busy and stressed with tired and hormonal and you’ll soon realise that a bout of ‘mumnesia’ is simply par for the course.

So relax, take some deep breaths and try not to sweat the small stuff. Rest your mind and body - easier said than done obviously if you have other kids to look after admittedly - and your brain will take care of itself!

And if you think the feelings go away once baby comes, well, no they don’t. ‘Baby brain’ can go on for quite a while post-childbirth so you may as well get used to it.

So did you have any of these ‘pregnancy brain’ moments?

1. Invited a friend around to lunch and then have to rustle up a cheese omelette to disguise the fact that you had no recollection of the event?
2. Come up with a shortlist of baby names in your head - and then promptly forget what they are when your other half comes home?
3. Get a mental block when trying to help your four-year-old do the simplest piece of  homework and tell him he’ll have to wait until daddy gets home
4. Order a baby stroller online - and then forget you’ve done it and order the same one again!
5. Fix a snack of crackers with the soft cheese and pate you find in the fridge - and then remember that you’re not allowed to eat it.

Pregnancy brain: Did any of these happen to you in your pregnancy?