Your health: What to expect in trimester 1

Here’s what you can expect from your pregnancy health in trimester 1

Trimester 1: What to expect from your health

You’re in your first trimester of your pregnancy, here’s what you can expect from your pregnancy health

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You’re pregnant, you’ve had that positive pregnancy test so here are some things you can expect from your pregnancy health in the first weeks.

Week 1-4: By the time your period is due, you’ve been pregnant for two weeks. Your pregnancy is dated from the first day of your last period and you will be given your Estimated Due Date (EDD) at your dating scan at around 12 weeks.

Week 5: Mild stomach cramps in early pregnancy are common as is a little bleeding/spotting when the embryo implants itself into the wall of the womb. Although nothing to worry about, it is worth mentioning to your midwife or GP.

Week 6: Your baby will rely on you for the nourishment it needs to grow, so start thinking about what you’re eating and drinking. 

Week 7: You may find your sense of taste changes and you might experience cravings or dislikes to certain foods - even this soon!

Week 8: Your womb will have already doubled in size – even if it doesn’t show yet.

Week 9: If your boobs are getting bigger get measured. Tell the fitter you’re pregnant, especially if you’re choosing an underwired bra. They shouldn’t cause health issues with blood flow to the breasts but you’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable.

Week 10: Your bump may begin to show, although some women don’t notice until around 16 weeks or later. You might notice your tummy bloating later in the day and your clothes feeling tighter by evening.

Week 11: Some women start to feel pains in their groin as the ligaments that support the womb stretch. However, if you are having ongoing abdominal/ stomach pain, get it checked out by a doctor or midwife straight away.

Week 12: You’re in your final week of your first trimester and you’ll soon be excitedly sharing your baby’s scan photos.

Your health: What to expect in trimester 1