The ‘unspoken’ pregnancy milestones

Not the baby development ones, these are your own pregnancy milestones

The pregnancy milestones you may not know about

Just because they're not listed in the pregnancy books, doesn’t mean they’re any less important

Woman with perfect maternity jeans

Getting to 12 weeks, your first pregnancy scan, the first time your baby moves are all key milestones you’ll hear a lot about during your pregnancy. But what about the milestones below, any of these a significant moment for you?

1. The first day in forever you don’t wake and want to be sick

What a milestone that is. If you’ve suffered badly with morning sickness through your pregnancy, that first day you wake in the morning, or open the fridge and don’t feel the urge to be sick, is a very momentous day.

2. When you find those perfect maternity jeans

You slip them on and they fit like a dream with no squashing or tight red marks left on your bump.

3. The first time you burst out of your bra

You almost feel like a glamour model when you put on a bra that fit you last week but now a Wonder bra has nothing on you!

4. The first time you look down and see nothing but bump

This is the point in your pregnancy when you realise you're no longer able to shave your legs or bikini line.

5. The change in your nipples

This is a huge milestone in your pregnancy as it will be something you'll never forget. The change in colour may alarm you as they may go quite a bit darker than normal, and if you ever look down at your t-shirt and see wet patches, you will know your milk has arrived.

The ‘unspoken’ pregnancy milestones