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Chocolate and pregnancy

Get the latest findings from a new study

The news chocolate lovers have been waiting for

A new study reveals eating chocolate in pregnancy can be GOOD

Chocolate in pregnancy

  • Interesting results

Pregnant woman eating chocolate

Whether pregnant or not, most women love their chocolate but whether for weight or health reasons, most of us try to refrain from eating too much.

New studies on what foods are safe or not in pregnancy go on all the time, in fact a recent study suggested runny eggs are now safe for pregnant women as salmonella is virtually extinct. And now there’s advice on eating chocolate in pregnancy. The study says eat chocolate, yes eat chocolate, it actually provides health benefits for your pregnancy, now that’s latest advice we want to hear!

A new study says that high-flavanol chocolate can actually boost fetal growth and make the placenta work more efficiently.

Scientists at the Université Laval Québec City, also found that eating chocolate can decrease the risk of preeclampsia in pregnancy.

The benefits were higher for the women who ate high-flavanol chocolate as opposed to low-flavanol chocolate.

High-flavanol chocolate is chocolate that is higher in cocoa and lower in sugar and fats. Dark chocolate and even white chocolate are higher in flavanol than milk chocolate which contain more sugar and fats that cocoa solids.

Chocolate in pregnancy

  • Interesting results

Chocolate and pregnancy