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1000s of pregnant and new mums meeting every day on Mush

Daily virtual meet-ups from hypnobirthing, parenting, yoga, baby massage, sleep support and preparing for life after the baby

Mush: A mum’s best friend

All mums need fellow mum friends, and this is a great way to find them and find out about pregnancy & birth

Social distancing is hard! Especially when you are experiencing all of the weird and wonderful changes of pregnancy and new motherhood. The Mush app is all about the importance of connection and support and finding local mum friends and national online chat groups where you can share what you are going through. 

Whilst we aren’t able to get out of the house and actually socialise at the moment, Mush has done the next best thing and organised daily virtual meet-ups where you can learn, ask and meet others, whilst listening to experts. With sessions ranging from sleep, hypnobirthing, positive parenting, yoga and dance, baby massage and preparing for life after the baby, Mush aims to give you all the information that you would otherwise get by nattering over coffee with mums in the same boat as you. And after these sessions, you can browse Mush the mush app to find your local friends for post-lockdown! Mush was unveiled in 2016 and has been responsible for over 2 million friendships since. Started by two mums who met in a playground, they set out to make sure that no mum ever felt alone during this massive life transition to becoming a mum. 

Expecting and new mums from all over the UK join together on Mush, a place where they can find community, ask questions, offer advice and be unashamedly Mum, in a way you can’t be on other social media platforms. Safe and easy to join, you simply download Mush from the App Stores, create a profile, and join. All of the current virtual meet-ups are displayed clearly in the app when you have completed sign up

1000s of pregnant and new mums meeting every day on Mush