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The ‘new norm’ for baby and toddler groups

As baby and toddler groups are allowed to reopen, here’s what to expect from the stricter safety measures

What changes to expect in baby and toddler groups

With life resuming, baby and toddler groups are reopening but what differences can you expect?

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The pandemic has taken its toll in all aspects of life, including baby and toddler groups that were unable to run during lockdown. Despite not being an ‘essential’ service, these groups are often a lifeline for families with young babies and toddlers. 

As the UK finally emerges from the latest lockdown, these services are allowed to resume, however, with some tweaks to how they ran pre Covid. Here’s what you need to know.

Parents looking to attend can be assured baby and toddler classes are now running as professional businesses meaning they adhere to high safety standards.

When returning to classes post lockdown here’s some new safety measures you can expect to see:

  • Entry/exits controlled
  • Hand sanitisers available
  • Mats placed 2m apart 
  • Use of face coverings (some may do this as ‘mask to mat’ so you can remove your mask once in position – others may ask you to keep it on at all times)
  • ’One use only’ sanitised equipment – no sharing
  • Class leaders will use microphones and visors 
  • Smaller class sizes and the use of larger venues

Classes may vary on how they implement the safety measures. You may find some classes have in place extra measures such as temperature checks on the door, and allowing families to purchase their own kit that they can bring to each class.

The ‘new norm’ for baby and toddler groups