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Tough love v Over nurturing

Do our children need a bit of tough love now and again to be well-rounded?

Which side are you: Tough love or over nurturing or somewhere in between

Everyone parents differently, but what is the right amount of nurturing and the necessary amount of tough love? Take a look below at our meet in the middle suggestions…

Which side are you? Tough love or over nurturing?

  • Which parenting side are you? Tough love or over nurturing?

Mother with child crying

Doing our best for our children is a given, that is all parents aim in life. But is it best to protect our children from all disappoint or does experiencing some disappointment help them prepare for adulthood?

We try and figure out the even amount of both to help children benefit from both

1. Putting your foot down

There are times when, as a parent, you have to say ’no’. We know this word evokes tantrum behaviour from most children, but are you doing right to back down to avoid a tantrum? Of course not and here’s why. Remember, you do know better than they do however convincing their argument, and if you’ve said no, you’ve done it with their best interests at heart.

2. Making them feel special

Of course it’s important to make your child feel special, and they are the most special thing in the world to you, but there is a line to be drawn. Teaching your child they are equal to their peers is an important lesson to learn for the future, and not to believe they are superior to their friends.

3. Encourage with realism

Whatever your children want to try and achieve, as parents it’s our job to encourage them to give it a go and do their best, but particularly if they are determined to follow a very competitive activity, it’s just as important to make them aware that all they can do is their best and enjoy it but not to assume they will necessarily be the best.

4. Showing gratitude

It’s important to encourage children to show gratitude, even for the small things they wouldn’t necessarily have to be grateful for, but creating a habit of appreciation helps them understand what they are given and helps to instil an appreciative spirit in them.

5. Lead by example

It’s no good teaching children to appreciate what they have and be polite and show respect for others if they see mum and dad behaving in the exact opposite way!

Which side are you? Tough love or over nurturing?

  • Which parenting side are you? Tough love or over nurturing?

Tough love v Over nurturing