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Why choose a lie-flat i-Size car seat?

Understanding why choosing a lie-flat i-Size car seat can benefit your little one

Lie-flat i-Size seat: The benefits

From safety to comfort, here’s why you should consider a lie-flat i-Size car seat for your baby

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i-size car seats have become mainstream after the EU safety regulation for child car seats (ECE R129 was introduced back in 2013 to ensure child car seats are easier to fit, able to provide better protection from side impacts and keep babies rearward-facing in their car seats for longer.

Why is rearward-facing so important?

Rearward-facing seats reduce the risk of death or injury to a baby or toddler in a crash by 73% compared with being unrestrained.

Baby’s head, neck and spine are more protected in rearward-facing seats and should stay in one for as long as possible but at least until they are 15 months old. 

These seats also have an energy absorbing interior, and an integral three or five point harness to give the best protection for your little one.

Some seats offer a lie flat option, why is it important?

It is now possible to choose a car seat for your little one that is able to be put in a lie flat position and this has real benefits including helping babies to breathe optimally in the lie-flat position. 

Research funded by safer sleep charity The Lullaby Trust tested the cardiorespiratory effect on infants travelling in car seats in moving vehicles.  It found that both term and pre-term infants showed signs of potentially adverse cardiorespiratory effects when seated in an upright position at 40°.

Lie-flat car seats keep a child's head, neck and body in perfect alignment to maintain constant airflow and has the added bonus of promoting healthy spinal development.

Lie-flat baby carriers have a strong shell and energy-absorbing interior to help protect your little one in the event of a collision. They include a 5-point harness to hold the baby in place, and in some cases may have removable inserts.

Bringing you Joie: A rearward-facing lie-flat car seat in one

Joie combines the highest standards of design, engineering, and safety together with the most durable, kid proof materials to create products that make life with small children less work and more fun.

The i-Level car seat is an i-Size Certified infant carrier that has been designed and engineered to lie-flat and allow the most ergonomic position for the baby. It has a 157º angle tilt and is pushchair compatible.

Why choose a lie-flat i-Size car seat?