The lowdown on bathing your baby

There are products out there to help, we round up some of our favourites

Bathing your baby: What you need to know

From baby baths to water temperature, here's what you need to know about bathing your newborn

What to look for

Baby baths can range in price from under 310 to over 350 depending on their features. If your budget is tight, a basic bath is fine, but it can be harder to fill and empty it. Look for a model that has shaped or curved edges to support your baby, meaning you’ll be able to have at least one hand free for washing. A ‘plughole’ is useful to drain the water away and some higher end baths even change colour to show if the bath water is too hot. This isn’t a necessity though; as you can buy bath thermometers quite cheaply to help you gauge how hot your baby’s bath water is. Deluxe models might even have a built-in weighing scale or multi-task as part of a changing unit, and some can even fold flat for easier storage.

A cheaper option is to buy a support that sits in the bath. They tend to be more compact than a baby bath, so easier to store if space is an issue. They can range in price from a few pounds for a simple model made out of foam, to over 330 for one with a curving ergonomic design.

Need to know

A baby bath is not an absolutely essential purchase. Baby baths are only used for the first few months, so think about how often you’d actually use it – and how much you really need to spend and where you’ll store it.

bathing baby


  • Choose between a baby bath and a bath support
  • Invest in a bath thermometer to make sure your baby’s bath water isn’t too hot
  • Baby baths can range in price so consider what features you really need

The lowdown on bathing your baby