The lowdown on changing units

A changing unit can be a helpful addition to your nursery, here are some of our favourites around

Is a changing unit right for you?

When planning your baby's nursery, you may consider a changing unit, here's what you need to know

Baby changing table

What to look for

If you do want a purpose-built changing unit, thinking about the space you have available is key. If you have room, a chest of drawers-style unit that includes a changing station on top is a good buy as you can use it to store clothes as well as nappy changing essentials, but they can be pretty bulky.

If space is more limited, you can buy smaller, narrower changing units with handy shelves underneath to store nappies, wipes, cotton wool and other essentials.

Another option is to buy a wooden cot-top changer that can sit across your baby’s cot when you need to change them, and then stored away underneath when not in use.

If space or money is very tight, buy a changing mat that you can simply put down anywhere. Look for one that’s padded, wipeclean and looks comfortable. You could even secure it to an existing chest of drawers for a do-it-yourself changing station.

Need to know

Choose a changing unit that’s the right height for you as continually stooping over at changing time can cause back pain. NEVER leave your baby unattended at changing time – not even for a second. Even newborn babies can unexpectedly roll or move. Many changing units are available as part of a coordinating nursery room set but are not essential.


  • If you want a changing unit, make sure you have the room as they can be bulky
  • Choose a cot-top changer or a simple mat as a cheaper, space-saving option
  • A washable fabric mat cover offers extra warmth and comfort

The lowdown on changing units