The lowdown on combination car seats

If you're thinking about choosing a combination car seat here's what you need to know

Our pick of combination car seats

Combination car seats are a popular choice for parents, here's our pick of some of the best

Combi car seat

A combination car seat is a model that spans different car seat Group stages. There are many different combinations, but some are more popular than others. They’re a useful buy for grandparents and childminders as they won’t have to buy a new seat every time a child moves up a stage.

What to look for

Group 0+/1 is one of the most common types of combination car seats. They’re always rear-facing for the first use, and then switch to forward-facing for the Group 1 stage. There is preference now though with the advent of extended rear-facing seats and their enhanced safety features, for the Group 1 stage to stay in the rearfacing position for the life of the seat. Group 2/3 is another popular combination seat for children aged four to twelve. 

Backless booster seats have sometimes been used for this stage, but they’ve been proven to be less safe, so always choose a model with a supportive back. You can now buy seats that span several Groups rather than just two, some cater for Groups 0+/1/2/3 all in one seat! Check you are happy with the comfort and safety for every stage the car seat covers, as children of different ages require different features. Make sure the seat reclines properly for newborns and toddler’s naps.

We love that this car seat offers extra support and is always cosy, as well as removable, washable fabrics for convenient cleaning.

Need to know

Rearward facing seats should never be used in the front seat of a car if there is an active airbag. As it’s a purchase that should last you a long time, it’s worth trying out models before you buy to see how comfortable it is for your child. Be sure to check that the seat is compatible with your make and model of car. It’s also crucial to check the seat you are interested in is suitable for the weight of your child.


  • There are several different combinations of seats spanning every car seat group
  • They can be a good budget buy or ideal for use by grandparents or childminders
  • Make sure you are happy with the car seat for every stage it covers

The lowdown on combination car seats