The lowdown on cot mobiles

A cot mobile can have benefits for baby sleep, find out what you need to know

Cot mobiles: What you need to know

From what to look for and the latest on the market in cot mobiles

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What to look for

A cot mobile can cost from £15 for a basic model, to over £50 for an all-singing all dancing type with lights and sounds.

Even though nursery decor tends towards the paler end of the colour spectrum, newborns and young babies can see brighter, more highly contrasting colours like black and white, better in the early weeks. You might want to think about a mobile that moves in some way and has music to attract your baby’s attention.

Very basic models without motors only move if you touch them, or if there’s a breeze, but if you want to have a bit more movement or to play music, you’ll need to buy one with a motor.

There are two types of musical mobiles to choose from, a wind-up version that will play until it winds down, or a battery operated option that you can control at the touch of a button.

You may also want to buy a mobile that fits in with the design of your nursery. Coordinating nursery schemes often have a matching cot mobile as part of the range. Top-of-the-range models might have a lightshow as well as sounds, and you can also buy mobiles with detachable toys for added fun.

Need to know

Attaching your cot mobile correctly is important, as you don’t want to risk it falling down. Follow the fitting instructions carefully. Remember that once your baby is on the move, and has started to sit up, you should remove the mobile for safety reasons.


  • You can buy cot mobiles with or without a motor
  • They will entertain your baby and help him to settle at bed time
  • Battery-operated mobiles are easier to control

The lowdown on cot mobiles