The lowdown on electric breast pumps

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Electric breast pumps: What you need to know

From what to look for and the latest on the market in electric breast pumps

Electric pump

What to look for

You can either buy a single or double electric pump. Single pumps are cheaper, and less bulky, while some double pumps can cost in the region of £200. They are much more efficient though, as they can express twice the amount of milk a single pump can. They’re ideal if you need to express a lot of milk regularly, for example if you’re returning to work.

You’ll want to be sure you’re able to clean it relatively easily, so look for a model that’s easy to assemble with as few parts as possible. Make sure it fits into your steriliser for cleaning. Check that the cup which sits on your breast is cushioned and is a comfortable fit.

Many are made from silicone now, which is extremely comfortable.

Look for a model with different settings and speeds so you can choose one that comfortable for you. Some pumps have a ‘two-phase’ expression which mimics a baby’s feeding rhythm. This can help with a steady milk flow. If you are going to pumping away from home, you might want a model that’s quieter and more discreet.

We love that the MAM 2in1 Breast Pumps provide maximum comfort and freedom for mums by giving them choice in different ways of expressing.

Need to know

Electric pumps help you express more quickly than using a manual pump. They're also less tiring to use and can be used in different positions. Some also have a memory function that stores your rhythm. They are more expensive, however.


  • Choose between a single or double pump
  • Make sure the pump is easy to dismantle for cleaning
  • Think about comfort, a range of speeds, and how noisy the pump is

The lowdown on electric breast pumps