Sleeping bags for babies: What you need to know

If you're thinking about choosing a sleeping bag for your baby, this may help

The lowdown on sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are a safe option to keep baby warm in his cot, here are our top picks

Sleeping bag baby

Sleeping bags are a great and safe way to make sure your baby is comfortable at night. Babies can kick covers off and wake crying, or can wriggle underneath which can be dangerous, so sleeping bags help avoid this.

What to look for

Look for one with poppers, most have them, they make it easy to put on a tiny baby. They also tend to have a zip down the front, side or around the bottom which is essential for changing nappies at night.

Poppers under the arms are also a useful feature that can adjust the arm home to fit a smaller child. Look for soft, natural fabrics such as cotton, soft neck and sleeve edgings and covered zips if they touch baby’s skin. They have tog ratings, 2.5 togs tend to suit winter where as for warmer summers you can get a 1 tog option.

Need to know

Never use a sleeping bag with other blankets over the top. Check the temperature of the room to ensure your baby will not get too hot. Buy an inexpensive room thermometer or a monitor with a temperature feature. Make sure your baby’s sleeping bag conforms to the British Safety Standard.


  • Look for a sleeping bag that meets British Safety Standard regulations.

  • One with poppers for easy access to change nappies at night.

  • Make sure you monitor the room temperature so baby doesn’t get too hot or too cold.

Sleeping bags for babies: What you need to know