What you need to know about travel cots

From latest brands on the market to buying tips on travel cots

The lowdown on travel cots

Buying tips and latest travel cots on the market

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What to look for

There are two main types of travel cots.

The first looks like a traditional cot, with a plastic or metal frame, mesh sides and can collapse down to a rectangular box shape for transporting about. This type tend to have lots of added features, like bassinettes, mobiles and integral changing mats and can sometimes have castors to make moving them around easier. They’re a good buy if you’re away from home frequently and you can also use them as a playpen.

The second type are pop-up, so tend to be lighter and easier to carry about and more suited if you’re going to be travelling on public transport. Some have UV protection and can be used on beach holidays as a sun protection tent.

Look for a model that has a generous sleeping area and is simple to put up and collapse with easy-to-follow instructions.

Need to know

It can be strange for your baby to try and sleep in a different cot, particularly when away from home, so familiar sounds and smells can help, for example a favourite toy, mobile or sleeping bag.

A mosquito net is a handy addition for holidays abroad, some models have these included.

Make sure you double-check how long your chosen cot lasts for; some styles are only suitable for the first year, while others can be used up to around age two.


  • Decide whether you want a traditional or pop-up style tent
  • Test out how easy it is to put up, collapse and store
  • Check the sleeping space, and how long you’ll need the cot for!

What you need to know about travel cots