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9 Lockdown Valentine’s Day ideas

Simple ways to celebrate love this year for Valentine’s Day in lockdown

9 Lockdown Valentine’s Day ideas

Don’t let lockdown lessen your love. Whether it’s just the two of you or the family at home

Valentines in lockdown
Spending time with loved ones has been difficult for us all recently and due to the pandemic, this year, couples are facing Valentine’s Day in lockdown.  While classic Valentine’s Day activities like booking your favourite restaurant, cinema, bowling and spas days are off the cards, we’re not going to let lockdown lessen the love this year! 

We’ve come up with some great ideas for families and couples to celebrate love at home, and with Joy – the smart album and virtual, at-home photoshoot service – you can share the love with friends and family from afar and make memories to years to come…  

1. Begin with breakfast in bed
A quick and easy win for couples expecting their first baby! You just have to decide who gets inventive and who gets to stay in bed – an easy decision - bagsy it’s the ‘baby grower’ that gets brekkie in bed is what we say!

If you have kids, get them involved in the romance and create a fun breakfast. Get creative with heart shaped eggs, bacon, salmon or pancakes. 

2. Enjoy a picnic at home
Another great idea for couples expecting their first or families with children is to have an indoor Valentine’s picnic or afternoon tea treat. Or if the weather permits, you could take the picnic to the garden – or wrap up warm and head to a favourite spot outdoors.

3. Make a chocolate fondue
Everything tastes good dipped in chocolate! So, get chocolate melting on Valentine’s Day. Strawberries (and other fruit) are always a hit and pretzels taste good too. Buy a big bag of marshmallows or mini donuts get the kids involved as well.

4. Create your own spa day
While spas (and everything else!) are shut, it doesn’t mean you can’t go get some nice oils and candles and order a face pack or moisturising foot mask online.  Add some relaxing music, warm fluffy towels and run a nice bubble bath beforehand to complete the perfect at home spa day! 

5. Book dinner
Get out of your comfy clothes and make a special effort for a special dinner at home – plus there’s no need to book babysitter or taxis. We saw on Instagram that Binky Felstead was even spotted dining at the bijou place called ‘The Dining Room’ recently.  She got all dressed up for her fiancé to pick her up at 7.30pm (from the bedroom) and came downstairs to enjoy a beautifully cooked home cook meal.   

6. Make a digital scrap book of your relationship and family

Joy album image

In the digital age traditions such as albums and scrap books are becoming far less common. Nowadays, we hide all our precious memories on our phones, in storage clouds and on social media where they make an appearance and pop up every now again on “memories”.

Bring back the joy with… Joy! The digital photo album of the future that brings back the sense of nostalgia and attachment you get from a physical photo album or scrapbook! You can also add Voice Notes to your photos which is a cool add-on to cherish the memories and the private jokes you share. 

Why not have a cosy night in compiling your romantic couple memories to be placed on the stylish Joy album. Better yet, you can gift a second device (save £50) to your parents or grandparents and share your family albums instantly to their device – keeping the family connected forever!

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7. Bake something sweet
Valentine’s Day lands on a Sunday this year which is the perfect day for getting messy in the kitchen with some fun baking! From heart-shaped cupcakes and biscuits to a strawberry sweetheart cheesecake there are tons of recipes to bake that say ‘I love you’ - and it’ll entertain the kids.

8. Get crafting and decorating the house
Create homemade decorations and have fun decorating the house.  You can also try painting with a Valentine’s day theme, have everyone include five things that they love or appreciate about one another. Or create love notes for each other and hide them around the house for a family scavenger hunt to find them. 

9. Book a free virtual at-home photoshoot 
Book a free #JoyAtHomeShoot for the special day (schedule a 45-minute shoot today as they are offered on a first come first serve basis!). They’re perfect for lockdown. Perfect for fun. Perfect for couples. Perfect for the family. And it’s free! Don’t stress if you can’t get a slot on the 14th February – because every day is Valentine’s Day when you’re with those you love – and making memories to cherish forever is what matters most.

Top tip: Enjoy the free photoshoot and you can get all the digital images (and video clips) from your shoot for free when you purchase a Joy Album.

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9 Lockdown Valentine’s Day ideas