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Kids Christmas Eve box ideas

What to fill them with to get your child excited for Christmas

Make the night before Christmas extra special

Awesome ideas to help children through the longest night of their year

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We know it’s early, but you can never be too prepared for Christmas, right?! Organisation is key to getting the festivities off to a fun, flying start. Christmas Eve, when the anticipation of Christmas is just one sleep away makes, is undoubtedly one of the most exciting parts of the festive period. What with all the preparation of getting stockings ready and preparing a treat for Santa and the reindeers, creating a Christmas Eve box will just add to the magic too! 

Christmas eve boxes aren’t about fancy gifts. They don’t need to be extravagant, so there’s no need to worry about buying another whole load of presents. They are simply a sweet tradition to get your child excited for Christmas and add to the memories. Here’s some ideas to make your version special:


It’s a great idea to have some activities to do together throughout the evening as a family, such as a board game, activity books, craft making activities or cookie cutters so you cake bake a treat for Santa (and yourselves).

Sweet treats 

Their favourite chocolate bar, some festive trees sweets to hang on the tree, hot chocolate and marshmallows or a gingerbread house are all great ideas. Don’t forget a pouch of reindeer food too! 

Books and films 

What better way to spend Christmas Eve than to read a Christmas story with your little ones or watch your favourite Christmas Movie snuggled up on the sofa.  


It can also be a fun idea to make and put up some last-minute decorations, hang your stockings and pop up a sign to let Santa know where he can stop. A new tree decoration can also be added to your Christmas eve box. Simply write your child’s name and the year on the decoration and start a new tradition that your family will cherish for years to come. 

For little ones that worry about the jolly big fella delivering to a house with no chimney, you can add a magical Santa Claus key to the Christmas box too.   

Pjs and slippers 

Probably the most popular item to include within your Christmas Eve box is brand new PJ’s – or new slippers or some cosy Christmas bed socks. Lots of families make festive pyjamas a tradition and getting the whole family some Christmassy pyjamas to wake up in on Christmas morning will look fabulous in the photos when you’re all opening your presents.  

Talking of festive family photos….we’ve got the most perfect Christmas Eve gifts for all ages. You can treat the whole family and give Joy. JOY is the digital family photo album of the future that brings back the sense of nostalgia and attachment you get from a physical photo album. Gift it on Christmas Eve and you can get everyone excited for a picture-perfect celebration of the big day and here’s why: 

The way we take and consume photos has changed. These days instead of printing photos and sharing them in albums and photobooks, most of our photo memories get hidden in hard drives, stuck on our mobile phones and scattered in our social media feeds. Joy changes that. 

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With Joy you can showcase your favourite family albums, complied of both photos and videos in delightful spreads. 

The Joy Album looks stylish on a stand or serves as a great coffee table pick-up and share device that gives a permanent home for organising and reliving your family’s memories.

Enjoy coming home to new pictures shared by your family and friends. 

Album making is easy. Simply use the Joy app to update grandma and keep the whole family connected. 

The device is sleek, well-built and features a 10” inch full HD touch-screen display. It’s durable and safe to share with the kids. 

Every picture tells a story. Share your story and bring your memories to life with VoiceNotes™   

Wireless charging and cloud storage as you would expect with a modern device. 

Put simply, Joy is the smart photo album – a story telling device that lives in your home and connects you with your family near or far. Its technology solves all your photo sharing and organising woes and re-imagines the way families communicate around the photos, videos and stories of their lives. 

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Find out more about this fabulous gift that can bring Joy to your family by clicking on the link below. 

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Kids Christmas Eve box ideas